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A Closer Look At The New Kamen Rider Store Tokyo

The Kamen Rider Store Tokyo, located inside of the Tokyo Station’s Character Street, recently celebrated its Grand Opening on July 1. The store is the first dedicated Kamen Rider shop in the world. Because of the current situation, entry is currently done by a lottery system to help maintain social distancing.

A few sites online have begun to post images and their findings within the store.

On the digital sign outside of the store on the wall, the 36 Kamen Riders from all three eras appear one after the other. A statue of Kamen Rider Zero-One is in the middle of the store. Another addition to celebrating the currently ongoing show is a miniature model of Hiden’s Presential office. Across the top of the store’s wall are the crests of all of the Kamen Riders.

The store has many limited edition items for sale, such as candy drops and acrylic keychains.

There’s also merchandise specifically for Showa Kamen Riders, but it appears that much of the merch so far is for Heisei Riders and Kamen Rider Zero-One (since it’s currently on-air).

The acrylic station keys all feature a Kamen Rider series and the name of the primary protagonist. The names are presented like the “Station Name” with their final move as the “Next Station.” Kamen Rider Zero-One didn’t have a final form listed, only “???,” which may change once this information is revealed.

Also available are acrylic Heisei Kamen Rider stands with their logos on the base. Since the stands use a honeycomb pattern, they can be pushed together.

The DX Scouting Panda Progrise key is also immediately available for sale. Those who bought it from the Premium Bandai website have to wait until its released through the online store. The key’s availability is limited.

Oricon posted a video from within the store. A few outlets were allowed a “private tour” of the shop but weren’t allowed to make any purchases.

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