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World’s First Official Kamen Rider Good Shop “Kamen Rider Store Tokyo” Announced

On June 22, it was announced that the world’s first official Kamen Rider goods shop “Kamen Rider Store Tokyo” will launch in Tokyo Character Street along the first street of Tokyo Station. The store will officially open on July 1.

Due to COVID-19, visitors must pre-register in advance from July 1-10.

The Kamen Rider Store Tokyo serves as a “secret base for goods” that serves as an introduction of the Kamen Rider series to the world. The digital sign at the entrance shows all 36 Kamen Riders, from Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa. The store itself will sell limited goods.

The official Twitter account for the store also launched today:

The store also has a giant display of the currently airing hero, Kamen Rider Zero-One, which recently resumed broadcasting.

The store will be a dedicated place to purchase various Kamen Rider goods. Along Tokyo Character Street, there is a store for TV Asahi which sells various merchandise from popular shows. The store has a small amount of Kamen Rider goods.

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