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Thinking About Kamen Rider Zero-One Progrise Keys’ Naming Structure

Akira Shinomiya, who has previously had cameo roles in the Kamen Rider series, gave his opinion Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Progrise keys.

Viewers of the current Rider show, Kamen Rider Zero-One, already know that Progrise keys used to give Zero-One various powers, follows a certain naming structure.

“Rising Hopper,” “Shooting Wolf,” “Rushing Cheetah”… they’re all unified by ending with -ing.

Grammar wise, -ing is commonly used as a suffix, but “Sting Scorpion” is not a verb tense, the word “sting” ends in -ing. (For more information, please check out Education First’s -ing Form resource)

This isn’t always the case, as some special releases don’t follow the -ing naming structure, like “Secretary,” “Comedian,” etc.

Legendary Rider Progrise keys are on sale this year and there’ one for almost every Rider. The naming structure for these keys have also ended with -ing:

  • ThumbsUpping Kuuga Progrise Key
  • TripleFlashing Agito Progrise Key
  • Final Venting Ryuki Progrise Key
  • ExceedCharging Faiz Progrise Key
  • TurnUpping Blade Progrise Key
  • Drumming Hibiki Progrise Key
  • ClockUpping Kabuto Progrise Key
  • Ore Visiting Den-O Progrise Key
  • WakeUpping Kiva Progrise Key
  • KamenRiding Decade Progrise Key
  • CrimeCounting Double Progrise Key
  • TatobaSinging OOO Progrise Key
  • SpaceComing Fourze Progrise Key
  • MagicShowing Wizard Progrise Key
  • OnStaging Gaim Progrise Key
  • TireChanging Drive Progrise Key
  • GoGoGoGoing Ghost Progrise Key
  • LevelUpping Ex-Aid Progrise Key
  • BestMatching Build Progrise Key
  • RiderTiming Zi-O Progrise Key

When I saw this, I thought “I would have enjoyed this brainstorming meeting.” Laughing must have leaked from the meeting room.

The names all use the -ing suffix, but some may have drawn more laughter, such as “Ore Visiting Den-O Progrise Key,” “TatobaSinging OOO Progrise Key,” and “SpaceComing Fourze Progrise Key.”

There must have been a discussion about what names to use.

Agito’s may have been influenced by the name of the DX transformation belt, which was Triple Flash (Kuuga’s transformation belt was named Sonic Wave).

I thought about other Progrise Key for previous Riders in the series. First off, Kamen Rider ZI-O’s Woz. Would his have been “Congratulating Woz”? For Kamen Rider IXA, please use “Rising IXA” or maybe “Dan Crossing” for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Genm.

It was a really fun way to kill time to think about different Progrise Key names for other Riders.

Article Sources Cinema by Shochiku

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