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Kouhei Takeda, Eishin, And Takuya Yoshimura Perform In Remote Drama 2020: A Space Alumni

Kamen Rider Build’s Kouhei Takeda (Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease), Eishin Hayashida (Akaba), and Takuya Yoshimura (Kiba) have announced they are starring in the completely remote drama 2020: A Space Alumni. The short drama will take place over two nights.

Also starring in the five-person drama are Chiaki Kawamo and Shuri.

The drama was created because of the difficult situation around COVID-19, where many were unable to shoot dramas and films. A state of emergency in Japan paused all filming.

The cast of 2020: A Space Alumni shot the mini-drama from their home. The cast didn’t meet in person for the drama and shot all footage from home. This includes using their own clothing as costumes and delivering props by mail.

2020: A Space Alumni is a story about five middle-school classmates who formerly belonged to the Astronomical Department. They have to hold their alumni society meeting remotely instead of in-person due to COVID-19.

Takeda portrays the alumni association’s secretary, while other roles will be revealed.

The drama will be distributed on the smartphone app LIVEPARK for free. Viewers can post comments through the chat. After the story has aired, Takeda, Eishin, and Yoshimura will hold an after-talk.

2020: A Space Alumni began airing on June 6-7. The show will then be distributed on YouTube.

Article Sources YaHoo! Japan

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