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Japanese High School Student Explains Why She Loves Kamen Rider

This post is translated and written from the perspective of the author, a 3rd-year high school student, in the “High School Student Reporter Column” column for The Koukousei Shinbun Company Online.

The Kamen Rider television drama series was created by Shotaro Ishinomori in 1971. Kamen Rider has fought to protect people across different eras in Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa. I thought about the charm of these Riders and why they continue to be loved across generations.

Commonly Shared Appeal of All Riders
The reason I became a Kamen Rider was the birth of my younger brother. I became a fan from Kamen Rider Build (2017), which I watched due to my younger brother.

I’ve noticed a common theme in past works “No matter how hard it is, I won’t give up hope and protect everyone around me with all my strength.” That’s why they have reliable friends. It’s a common charm for all Riders. I thought this was “simple but difficult to do in reality” but this was why Riders are respected and admired by both children and adults.

Kamen Rider’s Evolution
Even though Kamen Rider’s appeal has unchanged, it continues to evolve. One of the evolutions includes characters’ professions that are in line with the times.

Especially in the Heisei era, they are from various occupations and convey the importance of life. Occupations include police officers, doctors, and physicists. The main character of Kamen Rider Zero-One, which is currently being broadcast, is the president of an AI Company.

In Addition, female Kamen Riders also appear in the work. I was really surprised because it was the first time (at the beginning of a series) for a woman to become a formal Rider. As a woman, I was very happy.

One’s Generation
My favorite series is Kamen Rider Den-O (2007). The key themes of this work are trains, fairy tales, time, and space. The main character protects people’s past, present, and future by cooperating with “Imagin,” monsters who were once enemies. I especially like the Imagin named Momotarous, who I feel I could rely on.

Kamen Rider gives courage not only to children but also to adults, just as much as when they were young. Please watch Kamen Rider who continues to fight forward. And look for heroes near you.

Article Sources The Koukousei Shinbun Company Online

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