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Kamen Rider Zero-One And Other Dramas Resume Filming With New Precautions

Earlier this week, Japan canceled its “State of Emergency” declaration, so now tv stations have prepared to resume filming.

However, there are new preventions that filming teams have to prepare for to prevent COVID-19 infections. It’s necessary for these sets to protect everyone involved.

TV Asahi has now confirmed filming to resume on June 1st. TV Asahi has reported they will use different production methods so that people are not clustered together. Each station has created a production manual for the new methods they’ll take. The content explains how the station will consider the safety and security of everyone involved.

The steps include: producing shows the minimum number of people (20 people max) necessary to prevent crowds, shooting in shorter times, and keeping a social distance of 2 meters.

Participants are expected to wear a mask, wash hands, and disinfect surfaces. Temperatures will also be taken.

Performers will wear masks while not filming, but take them off before production and put it away in a safe storage space on their own to reduce contact. Others on the staff may wear face shields.

In production, there will be less emphasis on performers getting too close. As for action and love scenes in dramas, they will take one shot with permission from the participants.

Wire action scenes will now be performed distanced from assistant staff members. The number of assistant staff members was reduced to 2 people, when it was usually four to five people) per suit actor. Shooting with multiple people in wire action scenes at the same time will be prohibited.

Scripts and production will have to be changed. One production manager stated “There may be inconveniences, but I want to be patient.”

Plans to resume airing Kamen Rider Zero-One is scheduled for late-June but may change.

Article Sources YaHoo! Japan, Sanspo, LiveDoor News

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