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Takanori Nishikawa Performs in Kamen Rider Zero-One Outfit at Live SDD 2020

Recently, the LIVE SDD 2020 performance was held in Osaka on February 15. The event was created to spread awareness to stop drunk driving.

Nishikawa has a reputation for appearing in flashy outfits. This time, he appeared in a Kamen Rider Zero-One themed outfit. Nishikawa is also the singer of the Zero-One theme song, which he performed with J of Luna Sea.

At the event, Nishikawa performed the theme song “REAL x EYEZ” along with “Another Daybreak.”

During the performance, he took off his jacket, apologizing to fans “I recently made this outfit, so it’s so stiff, sorry!”

After that, he performed “Crescent Cutless,” the theme song of the movie Thunderbolt Fantasy – Bewitching Melody of the West, a prequel movie to the Thunderbolt Fantasy series. Nishikawa is the voice actor of Làng Wū Yáo, one of the main characters of season two of the series and performer of the OP and ED for both seasons.

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