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Kamen Rider X’s Ryo Hayami Recovering After Collapse In Home

On December 28, Ryo Hayami (速水亮) portrayed the protagonist Keisuke Jin/Kamen Rider X. It was revealed that he collapsed in his home due to pressure in his chest.

Hayami is now recovering from the event. The actor turned 70 in November, and the accident occurred on December 18.

Hayami appears to have collapsed in his home after taking a nap that took place after daily training. He mentioned that the pain increased, his back started to hurt, and he crawled on all fours with his face on his bed, unable to move. He was sweating profusely but couldn’t move.

Hayami wasn’t able to call for an ambulance immediately. The symptoms started to fade after 30 minutes, but they were coming back after around two hours. He then tried to call an ambulance but was unable to dial the phone. At this moment, he thought this was the final moments of his life.

It was when he went into another room and asked someone to call for an ambulance.

Hayami posted a blog post on January 5th stating it was a “Myocardial Infarction,” more commonly known as a heart attack. His doctor stated that 99% of the blood vessels on the right of his heart was clogged.

After being rushed to the hospital, Hayami discusses how he felt. His clothing was replaced with a hospital gown. A catheter was placed in his left hand and the anesthesia process started. however, the pain was unbearable.

But since he was once a Kamen Rider, he didn’t admit he was in pain. Instead, he said, “It hurts… you!”

Hayami posted all of this information in a blog after he felt rested enough. He knew fans would be concerned and wanted to update everyone.

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