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Toei and Loftwork Detail “Save Kamen Rider! Heat Countermeasure Hackathon” Fall Event

Toei and Loftwork Inc collaborated teamed up to create a new event to “save Kamen Rider.” The heat has only increased in recent years due to global warming, making the conditions shooting Kamen Rider difficult. The impact of the intense heat can lead to heatstroke and exhaustion.

While discussing how to solve the issue, there’s been various solutions. Toei and Loftwork are working with a variety of experts, such as university professors, physicians, fashion designers, and more. They will come up with various countermeasures, such as learning about the effect heat has on the human body and coming up with solutions.

The hackathon does not have a “goal” but is the start of something new. Toei and the professionals will work together to learn more and incorporate new techniques, leading to work reforms.

Loftwork is a global design firm that works with other companies through global collaboration. Their services include creating new designs, making changes in the workplace and more. Loftwork detailed the hackathon that was held from August 2019 to November 2019 on their website.

To start, Loftwork traveled to the shooting site in August to observe and listen. They then spoke with companies that have products that “cool the body’s skin,” “block heat,” and “reduce body temperature.”

On the hackathon day, five companies provided samples and demoed the products. Through the experience, Loftwork was able to create practical solutions for suit actors to use. They also learned from companies about combining comfort with functionality, while also reducing the risk of heatstroke.

Toei and staff also discussed the situation, focusing on everything from planning to shooting. Loftwork worked to understand the overall picture. There were also some prototyping done to solve each problem.

During the event, the staff took breaks and had refreshments to keep everyone motivated. They also frequently checked in with each other to see how progress was going.

Shinichiro Shirakura, who is currently Toei’s director of Planning and Production, was also at the event. He was impressed at how the hackathon brought together people and created discussions to create solutions.

The actual hackathon was only one day, although the planning and research happened over a few months. Everyone came together with many ideas and solutions to help Kamen Rider staff stay cool.

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