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Bandai’s Funasen Discusses Popularity of Kamen Rider CSM Transformation Belts for Adults

The Kamen Rider series has spawned Complete Selection Modification (CSM) transformation belts. In 2013, the CSM Double Driver for Kamen Rider W was released.

Often once reservations for CSM belts start, they sell out that day. CSM belts continue to attract adult Kamen Rider fans.

Mantan Web spoke with Funasen of Bandai about the popularity.

Funasen mentioned that the Heisei Kamen Rider series was not only popular with children but also adults. CSM buyers are primarily men in their 20s.

The first CSM Driver was from Kamen Rider W but was not released until about three years after the show broadcast. The main buyers in their 20s didn’t buy belts from when they were children, but because they were older viewers who were fans of the show.

There are also many adult fans, but their sales of CSM belts vary at around 10%.

Heisei Kamen Rider series are not only popular in Japan, but also overseas. The main reason for making CSM belts was to develop more toys for overseas fans. Since its release, there have been overseas sales. The first CSM Double Driver was sold in places like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. So the box and manuals were all printed in multiple languages.

What is the appeal for CSM belts for adults? Mainly that adults can wear them. The DX toys are for children, which is difficult for adults to wear without the extension belt parts. CSM belts can be work by adults without extra parts. CSM belts are also more detailed than the DX toys, making them closer to “the real thing.” The CSM toys are more similar to the props on the show than the DX versions.

Bandai is working hard to make the CSM belts detailed to make adults happy, adding more value to the belts over their DX variant.

CSM aims to reproduce the show, plus adding new gimmicks and functions, such as lights and sounds, plus recordings from actors in the show. The CSM Delta Gear belt from Kamen Rider 555 used voice recognition for the first time.

On December 7-8th, the event “The Henshin Complete Selection Modification Exhibition Vol. 1” will be held in Akihabara. FUnasen wants to show off the work through more than a catalog.

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