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Pretend To Be On a Date With Hayato Isomura In New Lalaport CM

In collaboration with LalaPort in Numazu, Japan, actor Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗) is treating viewers to a date. The commercial is filmed in “first-person” so that the viewer can pretend to spend a day with Isomura.

The commercial displays various sightseeing spots and other memorable places in the city, plus the new “date spot” Lalaport.

This was the first time Isomura filmed a date-style video. The CM displayed Isomura’s kindness in his hometown of Numazu.

The video begins with Isomura meeting at Numazu station, then heading to the port for breakfast. They travel to a large observation deck and take a photo together. Afterward, they travel to a popular dumpling shop, which hasn’t changed since Isomura was a child.

Isomura mentions that he wants to visit Lalaport Numazu, which he saw on SNS. They walk around the shops and enjoy bowling and shopping together. Isomura then buys his date with a surprise gift, which he presents to them at the end of the date.

The video was filmed on Tuesday, October 1st but was released on October, 31, 2019.

Isomura previously appeared as Alain/Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost.

Long version (~5 min):

Short version (21 seconds):

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