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Kamen Rider Actor Ryo Karato Discusses How Rough Past Changed Life

Ryo Karato (唐渡亮) appeared as Shiro Mizuki/Kamen Rider G4 in Kamen Rider Agito. He recently appeared on TBS’ Bakuhou the Friday on October 25th to discuss his past issues and present-day events.

Karato got a break in the 90s, working as an ikemen actor. The maximum income he was making was 120 million yen a month.

One day, he went to the doctor because he felt some discomfort in his throat, which doctors diagnosed as laryngeal cancer. After that, his work dramatically decreased.

In 2009, Karato lost the key to his house, so he went to a koban (police box) to report the loss. There were no officers inside, so he went to another koban. By this time, he was angry and kicked the glass. Karato was arrested for allegedly damaging police property. He was released the next day and not charged.

In the following year, he married a non-entertainer woman and they were divorced after three months.

Currently, Karato is working at an amusement park in Izu as an employee. He stated that “I had to reflect. Now, I really want to make people happy. I’ll have to work more than others.”

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