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Gaku Oshida Releases First Photobook at Special Event

Gaku Oshida (押田岳) recently portrayed Geiz Myoukouin/Kamen Rider Geiz in Kamen Rider ZI-O. On October 19, he held a commemorative event for the release of his first photobook.

Regarding the photobook, Oshida stated, “I’m glad to see the results because I trained at the gym for six months.”

The photos for the book were taken in different locations in Hong Kong, where Oshida really wanted to go. “I was interested in Hong Kong and Chinese culture, so I always wanted to go there. When I did go, I told my sister, who loves photography, that photos are easy to take there.”

About the current protests that have been ongoing, Oshida commented, “Hong Kong is currently in an unstable situation,” but “It was fine with I went. People were friendly. It’s hard now, but I want to go back.”

The photobook has Oshida showing several energetic expressions while in Hong Kong. Oshida mentioned, “I took off my shirt for the first time. So, I had to go to the gym beforehand for six months to train. I was happy to see the results.” and “Originally, I was shy but the staff made it easier.”

When asked to “score” the photo book, he gave it about 80 points. The last 20 points were because there is always room for improvement.” He was asked if he has shown the book to his friends, which they haven’t seen it yet.

Oshida had not seen the complete photobook until the event.

Oshida recalled that Kamen Rider ZI-O helped him grown up. It was his first opportunity to really enter the acting scene and interact with others.

In the future, Oshida wants to play a samurai, since he has an interest in period media. Particularly, he wants to play the role of Mitsunari Ishida, a samurai, and commander during the Sengoku period.

Oshida Gaku First Photobook – Gakufu is now available for 3,000円.

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