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Ohga Pharmacy Reveals “Pharmaceutical Education” Hero: Ohga Man

Ohga Pharmacy runs several drug stores and pharmacies throughout Fukuoka, Japan.

In late September, the company revealed its new hero “Ohga Man.” The hero works to provide Pharmaceutical Education.

This includes the aspect of educating the youth to prevent illegal drug usage. Ohga Man also stresses “taking all of your medicine if you want to stay healthy” or the importance of taking all of one’s prescribed medication.

Ohga Man isn’t just for children. He also helps educate adults. Pharmacists confirm the prescription amount and how much to take. Only reduce the amount by first consulting with one’s doctor.

The hero also helps with lifestyle changes. He gives advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle so one doesn’t need to take medication. He also helps with disease prevention.

Ohga Man works with pharmacists to share their mission of good health.

Check out his PV with secial guest Yabai Kamen here:

Official Website Ohga Man

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