Did Ultraman Change Its Formula to Appeal to a Wider Audience?

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The Ultraman series debuted in 1966 and since then, has produced several series. Nowadays, more households are comprised of three generations of fans. Ultraman was a tokusatsu show promote toys and are targeted towards boys. Despite this, there have been female fans of the show, though at first, the number of female fans was smaller.

The Ultraman series was suspended temporarily in the 80s and didn’t come back until 1996 with Ultraman Tiga. The main character of this work was Hiroshi Nagano of the group V6. At this time, it was exciting news because he came from Johnny & Associates. From this point on, actors who followed the “handsome features” of the era was used as the main actors. This was also a change with Heisei Kamen Rider, where handsome actors from popular entertainment groups or winners of Junon Boy contests, were chosen as the lead. This continues today with Fumiya Takahashi of Kamen Rider Zero-One, the first Rider of the Reiwa era.

Not only were the looks of the main characters important, but also the voice actors. Famous voice actors were used in roles and were selected due to their popularity in anime. They were also popular voice actors with young women.

To name a few, Mamoru Miyano of Ultraman Zero, Tomokazu Sugita who voiced Ultraman Ginga and others, Yuichi Nakamura in Ultraman X. These are all big names among voice actor fans. They had several lines between the main characters, which kept fans interested.

The use of popular voice actors continues today with Ultraman Taiga. While reviewing these trends, it seems that Tsuburaya Productions is continuing to appeal to voice actor fans.

It’s not just the handsome looks and popular voice actors appealing to fans, but the high quality of acting all around.

Plus, if a voice actor you’re already familiar with from another series is in Ultraman, you may feel tempted to watch it at least once.

There’s a different feeling to Ultraman that deviates from other tokusatsu works. Older fans may feel left out from the last few decades of changes compared to the show when it debuted.

Ultraman now has a more “human” touch compared to the older shows, which appeals to more fans. But long gone may be the “alien” feel Ultraman in the work.

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