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Missing Kamen Rider Zero-One OP Raises Confusion

Kamen Rider Zero-One debuted on September 1st. The second episode broadcast on September 8th but was missing an important video: the opening.

In most Kamen Rider series, the opening video debuts in the second episode. The song “REAL×EYEZ” was released at the end of the first episode, so many expected the op on September 8th.

During the broadcast, one of the two artists behind the opening song “REAL×EYEZ” Takanori Nishikawa (西川貴教) tweeted:

In the tweet, Nishikawa states that it’s unexpected that the opening isn’t airing during the second episode. He’s confused on when the song he helped compose will air.

After Nishikawa’s tweet, fans began discussing the unusual situation. Some believed that the OP may contain spoilers.

Nishikawa is also known as TM Revolution and performed the song “REAL×EYEZ” with his friend, J from Luna Sea.

Viewers are hoping that the third episode will debut Kamen Rider Zero-One’s eagerly awaited OP.

Article Sources Nikkan Taishu

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