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Christmas Toy Fair Announces Top Toy Predictions for 2019

On September 4-5, the Christmas Toy Fair 2019 was held. During this event, the companies decide on which toys they predict will sell the highest during the upcoming holiday season.

There are five categories: Boys’ Toys, Girls’ Toys, Educational/Toddler Toys, Puzzles, and Variety. The votes included new products from 2019 from the 47 leading toy makers in Japan, who were also in attendance at various booths.

In first places for Boys Toys was the Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Transformation Driver. The Kamen Rider Zero One DX Ames Shot Riser also placed as a potential leading toy for the holiday season.

Precure items were included in the Girls’ Toys list, including a DX plush toy of Fuwa from the Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure series.

The Christmas Toy Fair is an annual event only open to those in the toy industry (and media). It’s not open to the public but has an important impact on what the public may be buying. Toy shops use this information when ordering for the holiday season.

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