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2019 Japan Local Hero Festival “Justice Festival” Announced

One of the largest hero festivals will be held in October. But, you won’t find Kamen Rider Zero-One at this event.

Local heroes are said to exist in every prefecture. They are often created by the local governments, companies, and schools and usually spread the beliefs of “Don’t litter, pick up trash.” “Take care of the elderly.” and showcase local sightseeing areas. They also appear at events in department stores, commercials, tv shows, and more. Their fans include children, the elderly, and housewives.

Local heroes also benefit their cities because they bring in large amounts of income. It’s said that Ryujin Mabuyer from Okinawa has brought in more than 20 billion in revenue.

The “2019 Japan Local Hero Festival” where local hero characters from all over Japan will soon gather.

More than 150 local heroes and mascots featured in 124 titles will gather in this two-day event. There will be attractions such as live shows, fan greetings, and more.

The event will be held for two days:
Saturday, October 5 at the GLOBO Shopping Center
Sunday, October 6 at the Festival Walk Soga

Check out a 15 second CM of the event here:

Official Website 2019 Japan Local Hero Festival
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