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ZI-O to Zero One: So Okuno Passes the Baton to Fumiya Takahashi

The “Kamen Rider ZI-O x Kamen Rider Zero One” baton touch event was held on August 25, 2019 in Tokyo. Kamen Rider ZI-O has reached its finale with the first series of the Reiwa era, Kamen Rider Zero One, beginning on September 1, 2019.

At the event, the protagonist of the current series, So Okuno (奥野壮), passed the baton to the newest hero Fumiya Takahashi (高橋文哉).

Also in appearance were other cast members from Kamen Rider ZI-O, including: Gaku Oshida (押田岳) who plays Geiz Myoukouin/Kamen Rider Geiz, Shieri Ohata (大幡しえり) who plays Tsukuyomi, and Keisuke Watanabe (渡邊圭祐) who plays Woz. They discussed ZI-O’s growth over the past year, including the series finale. Okuno mentioned that episodes 15, 16, and 28 were the ones that left an impression on him.

The main cast of Kamen Rider Zero One also appeared to hear advice from the now “senior” cast of ZI-O. Okuno mentioned to Takahashi that he didn’t feel like he was in the position to say anything compared to Takahashi’s career. But, Okuno hoped that Takahashi could express himself while acting and enjoy it.

The heroines also exchanged encouraging advice. Ohata said “I’ve been watching the boys fight for the past year. Please take care of your physical condition.”

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