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Ryohei Odai Visits Sweden with Wife LiLiCo

Ryohei Odai (小田井涼平) previously portrayed Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda in Kamen Rider Ryuki but has enjoyed a successful music career with the group Junretsu.

In 2018, he married talent LiLiCo. Although the couple married in Japan, Odai traveled to Sweden to visit her parents for the first time.

Odai spoke about his travels in late July, mentioning that it was the first time he ever traveled to Sweden. There is no direct flight from Japan, so he first traveled for 10 hours to Helsinki, Finland. Sweden in the Summer is unique, he believes it’s so beautiful that it’s like a photo book.

While visiting Sweden, he also traveled to IKEA, a store that has also become popular in Japan.

The visit was his first time meeting LiLiCo’s parents and family. There was a language barrier, but he was treated like family. He felt that he truly has a family in Sweden, as well as Japan.

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