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More Kamen Rider x KURE5-56 TVCMs to Air in Japan

Previously in April 2017, a new series of commercials starring Kamen Rider 1 and actor Kokoro Terada began airing. Each of the 30-second TVCMs will contain information about the KURE5-56 product. KURE5-56 is an anti-rust, lubrication, and moisture proofing spray that is used on metal materials.

Kamen Rider 1 will help the boy (Terada) suffering from rust. While Shocker has made an appearance, the villain Shiomaneking will also be featured.


Kamen Rider and Terada meet a fisherman who is having trouble moving his fishing boat. Using KURE5-56 they are able to move it but are shocked to see Shiomaneking appear as well.


Terada wants to trim his overgrowing plant, but his trimming shears aren’t working. Kamen Rider assists him using KURE5-56 to fix the shears.


Terada’s dinosaur toy is in trouble, and Kamen Rider 1 suspects Shocker at first. Turns out it’s just an issue with the toy’s battery compartment. Using KURE5-56, they make the dinosaur toy happy again. Kamen Rider is also correct that Shocker was behind this all along.

The CMs are unlisted, but you can watch them, along with the previous CMs, at the official KURE5-56 website.

Official Website: KURE
Article Sources: Akiba-souken

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