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Kaho Takada Appears at CD Single Release Event

Kaho Takada (高田夏帆) has recently appeared as the protagonist a unique baseball-themed show, Do You Like It More Than Love?.

Takada portrayed Hikari Hyuga, a woman who has loved the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team since she was a child. While she is passionate about the sport, she fails at love. Her life changes when she meets a man with the same name as the former player Koji Yamamoto, aka “Mister Red Hell.” The show airs after the Hiroshima Carp baseball games, and the episode that airs depends on if the team won.

Takada lived alone in Hiroshima for a month and took promotional photos while wearing her character’s fan gear. She stated that before she received the script, she never watched baseball and didn’t know anything about it. She was honest about her lack of knowledge in the sport. But, she asked a variety of people about it and learned more as the drama continued. Now, Takada is more than familiar with the team.

Takada admits it was difficult to film twelve episodes in two weeks. What began as an acting gig, Takada now considers Hiroshima as her second hometown and she’s a real Carps fan now.

Along with acting, this was also Takada’s singing debut. She took on the challenge of singing a cover of “The Great Voyage 2020,” recorded with the band Unicorn. Takada has become more interested in music lately. At the event, she was presented a Carp team-colored red and white guitar from the staff as a birthday present but joked that it wasn’t a gift, but a business tool, since she was using it while performing.

To prepare for her singing debut, Takada went to voice training lessons. She also learned guitar, commenting that she has so far practiced every day for ten days until about 3AM. Takada gave herself “about 50 points” for her guitar performance at the event, commenting she wants to have more spare time to practice.

She discussed her thoughts at a recent CD Single Release Event on July 10, 2019. The Single contains 2 songs from the show, along with the instruments. The second CD contains music videos of the performance, along with behind-the-scenes footage. The CD costs 1,389¥. There are several free events planned to watch Takada perform live from Wednesday, July 10th to July 15th.

Takada previously portrayed Misora Isurugi in Kamen Rider Build.

Official Music Website: Sony Music
Article Sources: Yahoo! Japan, Hochi News

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