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Sota Fukushi Discusses How Kamen Rider Created New Acting Opportunities

After appearing in Kamen Rider Fourze as the hero Gentaro Kisaragi, Sota Fukushi (福士蒼汰) has had an active acting career. He’s appeared in several roles, from dramas to action, such as Bleach. In June 2019, he will appear in The Fable and it was recently announced he will appear in Kaiji Final Game, the final installment of the movie series.

Recently, Fukushi participated in an interview with Fashion Press, where he spoke about his past roles, future goals, and outfit preferences. He most notably mentioned how appearing in Kamen Rider opened new doors.

Fukushi has appeared in more action movies recently, even though it was not a conscious decision. When asked about his most memorable role, Fukushi answered:

“It’s hard to choose because all of them are memorable works, but… I wonder if it’s Kamen Rider. I started performing activities only four months before filming started, so it was my first work. Not to mention the action, voice acting, CG, and events to welcome children and their mothers outside of filming.

That’s when I learned about the martial arts Jeet Kun Do” and I can’t count all that I’ve learned from Kamen Rider.”

Fukushi was then asked if his experiences on Kamen Rider Fourze were connected to the present.

“If Kamen Rider hadn’t been the catalyst for action, I might not have been the type of actor who could do action performances. If you think about it, I think it’s because my start was in Kamen Rider. It was also important because I was the leading role.”

Article Sources Fashion Press

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