Mangaka Tetsuya Chiba Recalls Friendship at Ishinomori Exhibit

A Shotaro Ishinomori (石ノ森章太郎) special exhibit is currently on display. Over 350 documents, including manga, scrips, and photos are on display in a special exhibition of Ishinomori’s works at the Setagaya Literary Museum in Setagaya, Tokyo.

The exhibition began in April but will continue until June 30, 2019. Though visitors can walk through the displays, there have been various events.

Tetsuya Chiba (ちばてつやさん) is a manga artist who is known for his sports series, which include Ashita no Joe and Kaze no Yo ni. Chiba gave a lecture about his memories with his rival and friend, Ishinomori, on June 16th. Around 150 people were in attendance.

Chiba told a story about his friendship with Ishinomori. Sixty years ago, Chiba seriously hurt his right hand. The script was written but needed an artist. Chiba’s editor went to the apartment in Toshima where Ishinomori and his roommate, who was also a mangaka, Fujio Akatsuka (赤塚不二夫) lived.

Ishinomori and Akatsuka stayed up all night finishing up the drafts and met the deadline. Chiba still has the documents and said they’re very important to him.

Of Ishinomori, Chiba stated that he was like a genius who could draw things he could never imagine, which made him both a friend and scary rival.

Article Sources Kahoku Online News

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