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Masaki Suda Directs First Short Film “Clover”

Masaki Suda (菅田将暉) has completed his first work as a Director for the short film Clover. The film will be included on the DVD of his second album LOVE.

“Clover” is a short film, which has a theme song written and composed by musician Huwie Ishizaki (石崎ひゅーい) and performed by Suda. Suda took the message of the song and created an original story. The film lasts for 47 minutes.

The story stars a salaryman, who learns the importance of cherishing people, from his boss to his friends.

Regarding the song, Suda explained that when thinking further about the concept of a “clover,” he learned that four-leaf clovers can grow in places with poor lighting or where people are often walking. He began developing the idea of taking small moments spent with friends for granted, and how he treasures them.

The original concept of Clover was meant to last 5 minutes but quickly expanded into nearly 50 minutes long.

LOVE will be released on July 10, 2019.

Suda previously portrayed Phillip in Kamen Rider W.

Article Sources All Night Nippon

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