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Goo Ranking Releases Strongest Heisei Kamen Rider Survey Results

Goo Ranking continues to survey fans on various Kamen Rider topics, such as “the coolest” or “ideal boyfriend.”

This time, the ranking site decided to ask voters “Who is the strongest Heisei Kamen Rider?” There were ~3,455 votes and the survey was held between April 15~April 29, 2019.

First Place: Kamen Rider Decade
Ranking in first place was Kamen Rider Decade. He was ranked first by fans because of his ability to transform into previous Kamen Riders. (ZI-O, who has a similar power ranked in 12th place.)

Second Place: Kamen Rider Den-O
Kamen Rider Den-O ranked in second place. While the protagonist is said to be the “weakest ever,” voters believed that his ability to ride into the past and future to defeat enemies gave him an overwhelming power.

Third Place: Kamen Rider Hibiki
Kamen Rider Hibiki was chosen in third place primarily because he was called a demon and not a Kamen Rider, which caught voters’ attention. Hibiki also had a unique appearance compared to past Riders.

The remaining ranking results were:

  • 4. Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • 5. Kamen Rider Gaim
  • 6. Kamen Rider Kuuga
  • 7. Kamen Rider Fourze
  • 8. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
  • 9. Kamen Rider W
  • 10. Kamen Rider Agito
  • 11. Kamen Rider Build
  • 12. Kamen Rider ZI-O
  • 13. Kamen Rider OOO
  • 14. Kamen Rider Wizard
  • 15. Kamen Rider Ryuki
  • 16. Kamen Rider 555
  • 17. Kamen Rider Blade
  • 18. Kamen Rider Kiva
  • 19. Kamen Rider Drive
  • 20. Kamen Rider Ghost

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