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Ryusoul Gold: The First Super Sentai Hero of the Reiwa Era

A sixth warrior will join the cast of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Kanaro is a member of the Sea Ryusoul Tribe, which is decreasing in numbers, and is seeking a bride. He transforms into Ryusoul Gold. His skill level is said to be higher than the other Ryusoulger team members.

Ryusoul Gold is the first new Super Sentai hero in the Reiwa era.

Kanaro is played by actor and model Katsumi Hyodo (兵頭功海). Hyodo stated that he’s honored to be the first Super Sentai hero to emerge in the Reiwa era.

Regarding the role, Hyodo was surprised to be chosen because in the final audition, he made a mistake in delivering a line. He didn’t feel confident after that, but when he was notified, he was surprised and filled with excitement. Hyodo remarks that he wasn’t able to sleep that night.

Hyodo has watched the Super Sentai series since he was a child. At his grandmother’s house is a framed photo of him from a hero show, so he’s always had a goal of being a hero. One of the most memorable Super Sentai shows for him was Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Hyodo commented on Kanaro’s goal of getting married. At first, he didn’t really understand why until he read the script. Kanaro is straightforward and honest and clearly wants to get married to procreate. Hyodo says he will try to portray such an honest character properly, while also being “cool” as a Prince of the Sea should be.

As for the style of Ryusoul Gold, Hyodo says “I fell in love at first sight.” He was impressed that so many staff members worked so hard to bring the outfit to life. Having such a cool costume inspires him to work harder.

Hyodo told fans that he wants to be as cool as the heroes he watched when he was a child. He wants to do his best to be sure that viewers will love Kanaro because he is “Kanaro Kakkoii.” (Kanaro Cool) He is inspired by his castmates and will also work hard with all his strength.

The newest cast member had the opportunity to meet his hew teammates. At first, he felt unsure that he could get along with them well since they already worked together for several weeks. But the cast members all warmly welcomed him.

Ryusoul Gold will make his debut on the show starting on June 23 in Episode 14.

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