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1,200 Extras Appear to Cheer in Upcoming Kamen Rider ZI-O Film

Previously, there was a call for at least 1,000 extras to appear in a large crowd scene for the upcoming Kamen Rider ZI-O film. The initial filming was held on May 17 in Gunma Prefecture.

The scene was to film the celebration of a new king. 1,200 extras appeared on set and their ages ranged from teens to those in their 50s. Fans came from all over to appear as an extra.

The four cast members on set included: So Okuno (Sougo Tokiwa), Gaku Oshida (Geiz), Shieri Ohata (Tsukuyomi), and Keisuke Watanabe (Woz).

At the beginning of the shoot, the Director Ryuta Tasaki (田崎竜太) spoke to the crowd. The temperature quickly rose to 25° C (around 77° F), so Watanabe told the crowd to remember to watch after their physical conditions and not become overheated. Each cast member in attendance spoke to the crowd.

In the shoot, the crowd was informed to cheer for the new king with various cries of congratulations. The scene was captured with a drone. Included in the crowd scene was Seiji Takaiwa, the suit actor for Kamen Rider ZI-O. The filming continued until sundown, when the cast spoke to the crowd one last time.

The Kamen Rider ZI-O film is scheduled to be released on July 26, 2019.

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