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Hayato Isomura to Star in Stage Play with GANG PARADE

Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗) will star in the upcoming musical stage play “Playhouse.” Previously an actor, Isomura’s roles are continuing to broaden. This will be his second stage play.

Isomura will star alongside the ten-member J-pop idol group GANG PARADE. It will be the group’s first stage play performance.

Directing the film is Shuko Nemoto, who is working with PARCO, who is producing the play.

Also appearing in the play are Louis Kurihara (栗原類), Yuki Torigoe (鳥越裕貴), Kazuhito Tomikawa (富川一人), Blue & Sky, and Tsubaki Nekoze (猫背椿).

Isomura previously portrayed Alain/Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost.

The musical will debut at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and run from Sunday, August 25 to September 1, 2019. Tickets will go on sale starting on Saturday, June 22, 2019 for 8,500円.

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