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Kamen Rider Goods Stolen From Five Locations in Sendai

On May 11, it was announced that several products related to the Kamen Rider series were stolen from five mass retailers in the city of Sendai. The total damage is estimated to be more than 1 million yen.

According to the Sendai Police Station, five stores in the city had a series of shoplifting aimed at Kamen Rider goods since February 2019.

Toy sellers and buyers believe Kamen Rider related goods are considered more popular than other character goods, and often re-sold at high prices.

On April 30, there was an arrest in Sendai related to Kamen Rider goods. A man was arrested for allegedly stealing four Kamen Rider goods, including a driver, totaling a worth of 13,520円. The thefts occurred as a mass retailer in the Aoba-ku Ward.

According to the police the alleged thief stated: “I wanted the money made from selling the stolen products.” The police are still investigating other thefts from other mass retailers.

Article Sources Kahoku Online
Image Source Japan Guide

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