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Kamen Rider Build’s Yukari Taki Announces Marriage

Yukari Taki (滝裕可里) previously appeared in Kamen Rider Build as Sawa Takigawa and has had appearances in tokusatsu films such as Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie and Ultraman Ginga S The Movie.

Taki announced on Twitter and her Ameblo blog that she was married on May 8th.

“I would like to report that I registered (entered names in the family registry) with a general man the other day. We will continue to work hard in private. Thank you for your continued encouragement.”

Note: In Japan, a wedding ceremony isn’t necessary to be “married.” According to Japanese law, a marriage is only “legal” once it has been registered with the municipal office or city. From Taki’s reports, they registered with their city office, which made their marriage legal. (From the U.S. Embassy In Japan)

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