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Kamen Rider Agito’s Toshiki Kashu Announces Marriage

Toshiki Kashu (賀集利樹) portrayed the lead protagonist, Shouichi Tsugami, in Kamen Rider Agito. On April 22, it was announced that he got married earlier this month on April 3. His marriage is to a 34-year-old woman outside of the entertainment industry, who works in real estate.

Kashu discussed the details on a morning TBS Show with Teppei Arita and Chisako Takashima. Kashu stated he met his wife at an izakaya and they started to talk there.

Kashu has also updated his official Instagram account, thanking his fans for their support:

“To everyone who has always supported us and all involved parties

I, Toshiki Kashu, would like to report that I have made an entry in the family register with a woman who I have been in a long relationship with.

From now on, I want to support each other as a married couple, cherish the feelings of gratitude and compassion, and walk together. I hope you can watch with kind eyes from now on. – Toshiki Kashu”

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