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Keisuke Watanabe to Release First Photobook This Summer

Keisuke Watanabe (渡邊圭祐) has announced his first photobook. The title is still pending.

Watanabe currently portrays Black Woz/White Woz/Kamen Rider Woz in Kamen Rider ZI-O.

Watanabe chose Miyagi as his shooting site locations, which is where he was born and raised. The theme of the photo collection is related to nature and natural elements.

During the photoshoot, Watanabe visited his former school, an old clothing shop he used to work at, riverbeds where he often enjoyed walks, and other regions where he could enjoy nature. The photobook also includes an interview with Watanabe.

The photobook will be released on June 26, 2019, which is one year after Watanabe came to Tokyo.

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