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Mom Ponders Son’s Expensive Kamen Rider Toy Collection Hobby

Niwa Yuri is an illustrator for Woman Excite. She draws humorous comics about her life and experiences raising two sons.

In the 57th edition of her comic series, she discusses how a man’s hobby of collecting items may begin. She believes this hobby starts at childhood.

In the case of her two sons, they love to collect Kamen Rider toys. Kamen Rider, and hero-themed, toys in general have several goods meant to be collected. In this case, her son is collecting Kamen Rider ZI-O toys, which has several Ride Watches meant to be used with the transformation driver.

Instead of playing with the toys, her son stares at the Ride Watches as they’re placed side-by-side. Mom wonders, “Why do I need to buy so many?”

But her sons are also influenced by videos they’ve seen. Recently, her son watched a soda cap flip video. Her son then became interested in collecting the soda caps.

Mom admits that she likes how this is a cheaper hobby, and something both her sons can enjoy together.

Article Sources Woman Excite

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