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Hayato Isomura Joins Cast of Fuji TV’s Mirai☆Monster

Mirai☆Monster is a sports variety show that airs on Fuji TV. It airs every Sunday morning from 11:15 to 11:45. Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗) was announced to join the cast.

Isomura stated that at first he felt nervous, but was able to have fun thanks to the support of the cast members. The members of the show were said to have a “family-like atmosphere.”

Isomura has had a long history with sports starting in elementary school. He first played basketball while in elementary school. He played on his Junior High team until High School for six years.

About the role, Isomura stated “I was happy to receive the offer, since the Olympics are near. I want to introduce myself as a young actor, so I think it is a good opportunity.”

In the broadcast, he introduced a 13-year-old Soccer player. Isomura commented that he remembered when he used to play soccer, but wasn’t good. But it was great to watch the teenager play.

Isomura will join the cast officially on April 7, 2019.

Also joining the cast is Yahagi Moeka (矢作萌夏), who graduated from AKB48 on March 4, 2019.

Isomura previously portrayed Alain/Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost.

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