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NicoNico User Casts Real Metal Kamen Rider OOO Core Medals

Peyangu-san is a user on NicoNico. Recently, he decided to share his process of making Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO. Cell Medals are silver “coins” that were used for a variety of purposes, including powering up Kamen Rider Birth or breaking them in half to create new enemies.

First, Peyangu-san made a plastic prototype. From there, he created a silicon mold using the liquid and Legos. Using high-temperature melted metal, he poured them into the molds.

The result turned out great, with a brilliant finish and textured effect. Commenters on the video had high praise for Peyangu-san.

NicoNico videos can’t be embedded, but you can watch the 3 minute video here.

Article Sources: NicoNico

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