Kamen Rider

Twitter User Builds Moving Kamen Rider Blade Belt from Legos

A user on Twitter who goes by the name h-c-rn-s has crafted a Kamen Rider Blade Blay Buckle, the item that Kazuma Kenzaki uses, from Legos. Not only does it form the shape of the transformation belt, but it has a special surprise:

When h-c-rn-s presses a button, the belt strap pops out from the sides of the buckle. Pressing another switch makes the red and yellow card, also made from Legos, appear.

The belt uses a combination of Legos and bands to strap the belt to the user’s waist:

With the high costs of CSM Kamen Rider transformation belts, crafty fans are building their own devices.

Official Website: IT Media

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