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Yoshiko Sengen Shares Her True Feelings About Acting

Yoshiko Sengen (千眼美子), formerly known as Fumika Shimizu, is very active on Twitter and Instagram. On January 30, 2019 she surprised fans by stating “I have never thought acting was fun” and expressed that she never thought she loved it. After some confusion on Twitter, she said she had a change of mind and would explain further on January 31 on her Line Blog.

Sengen debuted in through Les Pros Entertainment as the heroine of Kamen Rider Fourze. She portrayed Yuki Jojima, who was Gentaro Kisaragi’s childhood friend. She surprised everyone by leaving her agency to join Ari Entertainment, a company created through Happy Science. She now concentrates on her activities with Happy Science.

In the blog, she discusses how, every time she acted, she left feeling it was a traumatic experience. Fans were quick to react. Comments included “As a viewer who enjoyed Fumika Shimizu’s dramas, I was shocked when she said it wasn’t fun.” They didn’t understand why she would continue to act in a drama if she didn’t like it.” Her feelings seem to have changed after leaving Les Pros and changing her name.

Sengen’s admission came around the same time as the announcement of her latest film My Girlfriend is a Witch. There was an announcement of a talk show and special delivery of Valentine’s Day chocolates at Tower Records in Shibuya on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Due to the timing of her admission, it soured the news of the movie.

Others stated that they like how honest she is as Yoshiko Sengen, but hope that she could consider the feelings more of Fumika Shimizu fans.

Article Sources: CyzoWoman

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