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Is Heisei Kamen Rider a Launching Point for Heroines, too?

It is well-known that many actors got their start from appearing in Kamen Rider shows during the Heisei period. The last series in the Heisei period is Kamen Rider ZI-O which re-introduces new and old fans to past Riders.

Riders that have gotten their start in the series include Takeru Satoh (Den-O), Masaki Suda (W), Sota Fukushi (Fourze), Ryoma Takeuchi (Drive), and more. Joe Odagiri also got his acting break from Kamen Rider Kuuga, the first work in the Heisei era.

Initially, Odagiri not only interested children but their mothers. Many viewers were keeping a closer eye on the Kamen Rider series, including the entertainment industry. Also unlike other roles, Kamen Rider is a work that lasts for one year, which allows its talent to improve and polish their skills.

It’s often the male protagonists that are said to get their acting break, but what about the heroines who help support them? Though some have gone on to act on morning dramas, it hasn’t had the same effect for them.

Kamen Rider Fourze’s Sota Fukushi went on to become a popular actor. The primary heroine, Yuki Jojima, portrayed by Fumika Shimizu (清水富美加), now Yoshiko Sengen (千眼美子), was in a few roles after the end of Fourze. She abruptly left her agency to join Happy Science’s ARI Production entertainment company under her new name. In previous interviews, she believed she would perform in variety shows after Fourze, but most of all, she wanted to continue being an actress.

Kamen Rider Den-O had two different heroines, most notably older Hana, played by Yuriko Shiratori (白鳥百合子). Her beauty gained her popularity, and she released a photo album. Her time on the show was cut short due to the decline of her physical condition. Kohana, or the younger Hana, played by Tamaki Matsumoto (松元環季) wasn’t active for long after Den-O ended. She retired from the entertainment industry in 2011.

Wakana Matsumoto (松本若菜), who played Sato’s older sister Airi, has continued to act without any interruptions. Her recent roles include Konomichi with Kamen Rider Drive’s Yu Inaba (稲葉友).

Speaking of Kamen Rider Drive, Rio Uchida (内田理央) made her acting debut as Kiriko Shijima on the show. She is also currently a member of LesPros Entertainment, which Yoshiko Sengen was formerly a member of. While Sengen left the office after her Kamen Rider role, Uchida has continued to rise in popularity with help from her agency.

Shieri Ohata (大幡しえり) is now the most current Kamen Rider heroine. She portrays Tsukuyomi, a character that is said to be similar to Hana of Den-O. Ohata is 20-years-old and was scouted in Harajuku. Tsukuyomi is seen as a cool character, but Ohata admitted that she didn’t feel cool at all and lowers her voice when playing the character. In the recent Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever film, Tsukuyomi becomes a different character than we’re used to seeing on the show.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a look back at some of the most popular heroines in the recent Heisei Kamen Rider shows. As we enter a new era, it will be interesting to see how heroines of Kamen Rider will move on after their appearances in the series.

Article Sources: YaHoo Japan

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