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Rina Akiyama’s Husband Allegedly Involved in Affair

On January 22, a report was published by Flash concerning Rina Akiyama (秋山莉奈) and Shoshi Goto’s marriage. Rina Akiyama portrayed Naomi in Kamen Rider Den-O and Mana Kazaya in Kamen Rider Agito. The couple have one child together.

According to the Flash article, there are alleged reports that Goto was recently unfaithful to Akiyama with a female talent “R” at an expedition event.

“R” spoke to Flash about the alleged affair, stating that they first began talking in March 2018 at a party. After the party, Goto and his friend stated they would get touch with her. Goto told “R” he wanted to be with her. “R” agreed, knowing he was married. At the beginning of January, they got into a big fight. Eventually, they blocked each other on the popular messaging app LINE and the relationship ended.

Goto has denied the affair. He told Flash “She’s probably lying.” He did admit to going to the party in March and meeting her, but claims he didn’t ask her to start an affair. But, there are screenshots from LINE in Flash’s February 4, 2019 issues proving the intimate relationship. One screenshot in particular shows Goto telling “R” his hotel room number. The allegations may not quickly be dismissed.

Netizens were quick to express their sadness for Akiyama, stating “Poor Rina” and “How could he be unfaithful with such a beautiful wife?”

Article Sources: LiveDoor, Asajo

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