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Kamen Rider Ghost Stars to Appear on ZI-O in December

Kamen Rider ZI-O features various Kamen Riders from the Heisei period. Many actors are taking up their former roles to appear on the show. It was recently announced that Shun Nishime (西銘駿) would reprise his role as Takeru Tenkuji/Kamen Rider Ghost, along with Ryosuke Yamamoto (山本涼介) as Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter.


Two actors who portrayed monks at the Tenkuji temple, Takuya Mizoguchi (溝口琢矢) as Shibuya, and Reo Kansyuji (勧修寺玲旺) as Narita, will also make an appearance on the show.


Nishime expressed his excitement over the collaboration on Twitter:

The Kamen Rider Ghost cast will appear in Episodes 13-14 to be broadcast on December 2nd and 9th. This will mark the age of “Kamen Rider Ghost” on the show.



Article Sources: CinemaToday


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