Senior Life Awareness Survey 2018 Releases “Who is a Hero to Seniors?” Results

Sony Life Insurance recently conducted the Senior Life Awareness Survey 2018. The questionaire was conducted online for men and women from 50 to 79-years-old. Questions ranged from family relationships, hobbies, and more. Survey answers were collected from approximately 1,000 people from October 5-9, 2018.

The questionnaire results for “Who is a Hero to Seniors?” was released. This question asked participants who they considered a hero.

Ranking in first place was Ultraman. In second place was Shigeo Nagashima (長嶋茂雄), a professional baseball player. In third place was “father.”

Kamen Rider ranked in 4th place, while Moonlight Mask was in 6th place. Female participants ranked Anpanman in 3rd place. Atom and Ultra Seven tied for 9th place.

Even for senior generations, tokusatsu heroes and animated characters still remain figures to look up to.



Article Sources: AnimeAnime


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