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Kohei Takeda to Appear on Sukatto Japan

Kohei Takeda (武田航平), who most recently portrayed Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease in Kamen Rider Build, will be appearing on the show Sukatto Japan.

Sukatto Japan is hosted by Teruyoshi Uchimura of Ucchan Nanchan. It airs dramatic reenactments of real-life situations of bad situations getting turned around to make the victim into the hero. The show makes viewers feel relieved as the “villain” in these stories get what’s coming to them.

Takeda will make his appearance on November 12, 2018 on the 8PM broadcst. He makes his appearance in segment nine “I’m an Ex-Claimer” (or a chronic complainer​).



Official Website: Sukatto Japan
Article Sources: Kohei Takeda Twitter


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