Ultraman Kaiju Step Releases First Book and Announced Event

Kaiju Step is a series featuring the most popular kaiju from the Ultraman series. In this series, they have been transformed into children. The Kaiju Step stories detail new experiences, making new friends, and life on their little planet.

Before the full series launch, the stories were serialized in Mabae magazine, which quickly became popular with boys and girls.

The first Kaiju Step picture book Pig-chan’s Balloon was released on Thursday, November 1, 2018 for 850円. A preview of the book can be viewed on the Shogakukan website. Additional books will be released in the future.



To commemorate the release of the Kaiju Step series, an event is scheduled on the weekend of November 24-25 from 10:30 to 16:00, entitled the “Ultra Happy Papa Mama Festa 2018.” Entrance is free.

On Saturday November 24, there is a mini-show featuring Ultraman R/B, while the 25th will have a mini-show of Ultraman Geed. Both shows will have a handshake greeting afterward. Limited goods will be available for sale.

TSUTAYA TV has announced a short animated series. Music group Keropons will perform the theme song “Kaiju Step Wonderland.” The Kaiju Step series can be watched on various devices. The series begins with the story of Dada, plus Pig-chan eating donuts.

Check out a preview of the Kaiju Step anime here:



Article Sources: Tsuburaya Productions


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