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Heisei Kamen Rider Chozenshu Box Sets Announced (With a Catch)

The 20th and last Heisei Kamen Rider, ZI-O, made his debut on September 2, 2018. At the same time, the Heisei Kamen Rider Chozenshu was announced in commemoration of the new Rider.

The box sets will include the collective works of the following, with brand new covers:

  • Kamen Rider Kuuga Chozenshu Three Volume Set
  • Kamen Rider Blade Chozenshu
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto Chozenshu
  • Kamen Rider Decade Chozenshu Volume 1
  • Kamen Rider Fourze Chozenshu
  • Kamen Rider OOO Chozenshu

The Heisei Kamen Rider Chozenshu Volume 1 set is a luxury, limited edition item. The catch is that 3000 boxes must be paid for from interested buyers before the box goes into production. If the target is not met, all buyers will be refunded. The deadline for the project is 18 o’clock JST on December 3, 2018 with delivery in February 2019.

If the target is reached before December, the shipping date will be moved up.



As the number of buyers increases, the contents will be even more “luxurious.” Volumes 2 and 3 are teased to include Kamen Riders Hibiki and Den-O.

Heisei Kamen Rider Chozenshu Box 1 retails for 11800円.



Article Sources: Tele-san


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