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Kamen Rider 555’s Kento Handa Participates in First Pitch Ceremony

On July 16, 2018, Kento Handa (半田健人), who portrayed the protagonist Takumi Inui in Kamen Rider 555, recently appeared at a first pitch ceremony for the Nippon-Ham VS Orix Baseball match. He does not have any experience playing baseball, and had only watched it on tv. He showed excitement as he stood on the pitcher’s mound for the first time.

Before the pitch, the mascot C☆B ran around the field to excite the crowd. Concerning his performance, Handa stated that while on the pitcher’s mound, he felt the distance between himself and the batter’s area. “I thought that I would like to do more. I regret that I didn’t practice more.” and added “This time, I’ll spend an hour and a half practicing.” and suggested that he would return to pitch again some day.

Nippon-Ham won the game, with the final score of 4/1.



Article Sources: Sports Hochi

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