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ORE Journal Exclusive: Kamen Rider Ryuki Main Cast Interview

Premium Bandai recently posted an interview featuring four of the main characters from Kamen Rider Ryuki. The interview is in “The Ore Journal” (Open Resource Evolution Journal) was the publication that Shinji Kido worked for.

The interview features:

    • Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki – Takamasa Suga (須賀貴匡)
    • Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight – Satoshi Matsuda (松田悟志)
    • Shiuchi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda – Ryohei Odai (小田井涼平)
    • Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja – Takashi Hagano (萩野崇)

The men were brought together thanks to the upcoming release of the Kamen Rider Ryuki Complete Selection Modification (CSM) V-Buckle and DragVisor. Kamen Rider Ryuki was originally released in 2002. A CSM version was released in 2005, but the prototype was renewed to make it more realistic.



Takamasa Suga: It’s realistic.
Satoshi Matsuda: The size feels right when I hold it in my hand.
Suga: We’re glad out lines can be played from the belt. It’s pretty exciting.
Matsuda: When you play the voices, you can hear it from your stomach.
Suga: I’ve been recording a lot of lines, not just the usual ones. The lines of Shinji and Ren will unfold the story, in order, from this belt. I think it’s amazing.


In this product, Kamen Rider Abyss and Ryuki’s blank card deck, as well as the decks from the 13 Kamen Riders are included. When the card deck is loaded and you press a button, dialogue from that Rider is played. What were you particularly impressed with?

Matsuda: There was a line I recorded a little while ago that was impressive. I changed my mind during Episode 21 and decided to kill Ryuki myself. There were also lines I said in front of Asakura. There was also a line from Episode 14 that was very memorable. Ren and Shinji are Riders who must be hostile towards one another, but they also work together. There is another line from Episode Final, which was released in the Summer. I said to Yui “Yui, Kanzaki may be deceiving us, but I will fight.” Episode Final was filmed during the tv show during a time of high tension where I had to be strong.
Suga: During the first episode, Ryuki came out with a blank body and his sword broke, which was a surprised quote. I was impressed when saw the action of Seiji Takaiwa (高岩成二) who played the suit actor. Next was the line from the Episode 4. Shinji was asked by Ren why he was fighting, “Because I’m indebted to you. I won’t die until I return it to you.” It was interesting to listen to Ren. I thought the lines showed the relationship between Shinji and Ren. There was also the ending line from the movie version “Don’t die, Ren.”
Matsuda: I remember saying don’t worry about the debt.
Suga: Shinji became a Rider by chance and is a complete amateur. He’s left an impression. Ren had a cool role, and was considered more to be a so-called hero.



This time, Suga and Matsuda had to record many lines. As a reference, I listed to each one. What kind of impression did you have when you were asked to listen to the lines you recorded 16 years ago?

Matsuda: I thought the voices were high.
Suga: I agree, there was a sense that I was trying to be monotone.
Matsuda: That’s right.
Suga: I guess the quality of my voice changed since I’ve aged since then.
Matsuda: Suga and I both had experience on stage, but I also trained my voice. At that moment, my voice range expanded, but over time, it becomes lower. I’ve been doing that kind of training, so when I hear my younger voice, I’m surprised it’s that high!
Suga: I thought so too. In those days, Shinji was more of a “honed” character. It was a little tiring for me to play my former role. Of course, I felt nostalgic, but there were some physical issues (laughs)
Matsuda: I remember Shinji’s voice during that time shouting “Oi, Ren!” or “Ren!” I remembered that time during those days when I was emotional, so when I heard a sound sample, it really struck me.
Suga: I get it. That line spoke to me in that scene.


Kamen Rider Ryuki’s Riders complete their transformation by loading a card deck into the V-Buckle. But before that, they perform a transformation pose. Please let us know some tips for fans who wear this product and want to make a cool pose.

Suga: Back then, the action director said that Ryuki’s pose was from Kamen Rider No. 1, and Knight’s was No. 2
Matsuda: I remember when I was told. For Knight, I was trying make a beautiful line when my arm turned forward. Suga’s transformation pose is simple because he just extends his right arm. But adults, please don’t hurt your shoulder when you pose. Relax and loosen your shoulder joint well before you transform (laughs) Please stretch first and warm up your shoulders, please.
Suga: You shouldn’t be too enthusiastic about it. It’s important to extend your arm while saying “Henshin!” without too much force.



Finally, from the two of you, please give a message to the Kamen Rider Ryuki fans who buy this product.

Suga: On shooting sites now, the staff and actors would say they watched Ryuki as children. More and more people talk to me because of how much they loved Ryuki. I hope those people continue to love Ryuki, and I think it would be wonderful if future generations also enjoyed it. Everyone, please enjoy Kamen Rider Ryuki with this product!
Matsuda: I think it’s amazing that sixteen years have passed since Ryuki aired. It’s now possible to put out a considerable amount of goods just for adults. I was able to realize the power of the Kamen Rider series, and the popularity of Kamen Rider Ryuki. This could only be made thanks to the passion of the people who support Ryuki. There are not enough words of gratitude. Thank you.



Please tell us how you feel about the release of the V-Buckle as the 20th release of the CSM series.

Takashi Hagano: I guess it’s a more realistic belt than what was used when we were filming.
Ryohei Odai: There is a realistic feeling that doesn’t change the size of the belt. I was thrilled to see the precision of detail.
Hagano: Even ify ou use this as a room decoration, I think you’ll get great satisfaction if you try to wear it. When these products are released, I want you to come to the autograph event. I’ll sign the back of the belt (laughs)


Kamen Rider Ryuki’s Riders complete their transformation by loading a card deck into the V-Buckle. But before that, they perform a transformation pose. Please let us know some tips for fans who wear this product and want to make a cool pose.

Hagano: The first thing that I can say is “Enter” or “I’m a Rider, I’m going to transform!” Last year (2017), I appeared in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid spin off as Asakura for the first time in 15 years. I felt so embarassed. It’s hard to transform easily if you’re not used to it. Please pose with confidence, then you might be able to do a good transformation.
Odai: It’s not possible to transform all in one scene like in Ryuki. Transform from the front with a series of actions that load the deck into the buckle. Even in the series, there were different cuts that were combined for the transformation. The only one who transformed all in one take was Kamen Rider Verde in the 13 Riders special (laughs). I want you to try it.



The same sound effects from the DX version of the belt were also used, such as loading the deck into the V-Buckle. In this product, there is also the sound of a monster approaching. When in the Mirror World, there are sounds that the body is about the disappear too.

Hagano: “Henshin!” When loading the card deck, it’s the same as the tv sounds, which is exciting.
Odai: There’s an impression that this is where the fight will begin with the monster.


This time, Odai said Zolda’s lines and Hagano said Ouja’s lines. But, what left the most impressions on you?

Odai: It was a line of speech from the fourth episode “I don’t like such battles.” There was also another line I said to Taiga in the 46th episode about becoming a hero “Hey, you, there is one condition that you can’t be a hero, but I’ll teach you.” There was also a line in the last episodes where I said to Goro “Today’s weather is bad, isn’t it? I can’t see Goro’s face” and it sounds painful and it’s my favorite.
Hagano: I like all of Asakura’s lines. First from Episode 17 “I’m frustrated…” and from the 40th episode “Here’s the location of the festival…” At the last time “Why… Why… Why…?” Sounds good, too. That was Asakura’s last spoken line in Ryuki.
Odai: Asakura’s “I’m frustrated…” and “Here’s the location of the festival…” dialogue were popular enough to be on a t-shirt on Premium Bandai.
Hagano: This time, we also recorded lines from the tv show and movie.



Finally, from the two of you, please give a message to the Kamen Rider Ryuki fans who buy this product.

Hagano: After Ryuki ended, I have recorded the voice of Asakura in many toys and games. In this product, the voice during broadcasting was heard beforehand, so I tried to recreate my voice as close as possible. I was trying to stick to reproducing the voice from that time. The quality of this product is high and so is the quality of the voices. There is no mistake to anyone questioning it. Thank you very much.
Odai: I think that may people who buy this product miss Kamen Rider Ryuki. When I was recording these lines, I remembered those days fondly. It is a high quality product, considering the price. It’s wonderful that people want to buy this and remember those days. By all means, please enjoy this product as a memento.



Premium Bandai’s Kamen Rider Ryuki Complete Selection Modification (CSM) V-Buckle and Drag Visor is currently accepting reservations. It is scheduled to ship in December.




Please also check out a longer interview from MyNavi featuring Takamasa Suga and Satoshi Matsuda, who portrayed Kamen Rider Ryuki and Knight.



Official Website: Premium Bandai


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