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Kanon Miyahara and Yu Takahashi to Compete in KUNOICHI 2018

Two female actresses from the Kamen Rider series were recently announced to compete on the TBS show KUNOICHI 2018.

KUNOICHI 2018 is a competitive sports program where 50 female athletes gather together. They take on four different stages, entitled: Red, Blue, Black, and a final stage.

Participating were Kanon Miyahara (宮原華音), who played Nozomi Takai of the Exterminators team in Kamen Rider Amazons, and Yu Takahashi (高橋ユウ), who portrayed Yuri Aso/Kamen Rider Ixa in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Promotional images were released of the two competitors taking on the Red stage.

KUNOICHI 2018 will air in July.



Official Website: Kunoichi
Article Sources: Natalie

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