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Hikaru Yamamoto Wants to Share Mahjong with the World

Hikaru Yamamoto (山本ひかる) portrayed Akiko Narumi in Kamen Rider W. Since the show ended, she has appeared in various works, including the drama Kasouken no Onna.

In August 2017, she began a YouTube channel called “Hikaru Yamamoto’s Mahjong Classroom.” The intent of the channel is to share the joys of the game mahjong with other people, especially beginners. She also wants to fulfill her longtime dream of “becoming a professional.”



In the videos, she attempts to pass the entrance exam of the professional mahjong organization “RMU” and passed. She is now a new member of the RMU team, but has to compete in league matches to gain licences. She hopes that she will inspire other women to play, either as a hobby or professionally.



Yamamoto first picked up an interest in mahjong after seeing her friends play. She learned how to play by researching the topic online. When she was 18, she began to remember the rules and began seriously playing.



Although Yamamoto will be busy on her path of becoming a professional mahjong player, she has not abandoned acting. She would like to appear in a program about mahjong, which would combine two of her interests. She would also like to appear as a spy.



Article Sources: The TV

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