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Kamen Rider Actor Daichi Nobe Passes Away After Training Accident

Actor Daichi Nobe (野辺大地) passed away in a hospital in Chiba prefecture on Thursday morning, June 14, 2018. He had an accident on June 13th during a jumping exercise. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

Nobe was affiliated with Japan Action Enterprise (JAE). According to Nobe’s office, he participated in an actor-affiliated training camp with others that was held in Chiba prefecture. The training camp is held every year. During the training, he was to jump down onto an air mat on the ground. The jump was approximately five stories down, an estimated 15 meters. The office stated that the “landing was as usual.” After the jump, Nobe was unconscious and staff called an ambulance. The exact cause of death is currently unknown.



Nobe joined the office when he was 16-years-old. He participated in various tokusatsu work, including Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. When asked if Nobe was a suit actor, his office only stated “We don’t say “suit actor” in our company. We’re actors.”

Nobe was born in Saitama prefecture. He was 21 years old. An official stated that he was a sincere and serious person.



Article Sources: Huffington Post Japan

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